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At Reset Activewear, we believe in the power of movement to transform lives and the planet. Our ethos, "Flex, Hustle, Sustain, Reset," encapsulates our commitment to creating high-performance, eco-friendly activewear that empowers you to push your limits while caring for the Earth.

Each piece in our collection is designed to support your most intense workouts, ensuring you can flex with confidence and hustle with determination.


At Reset Activewear, we empower active, conscious living with high-performance, eco-friendly garments. Our stylish, durable products support your fitness and the planet. Through sustainable practices and innovative designs, we promote a healthier lifestyle and a greener world.


Our vision is to establish Reset Activewear as the leading zero-waste brand globally. We aim to set new standards in a sustainable, functional fashion and foster a community that values ethical consumption and environmental stewardship.


Reset Activewear was founded in South Australia by Rusty Rahil in 2021. With over a decade of experience in sustainable manufacturing, Rusty envisioned a brand embodying care and responsibility.

Inspired by Australia's environmental commitment, organic food, and active lifestyle, he sought to counter unsustainable fast fashion. Using his global network, Rusty aims to make Reset the leading zero-waste activewear brand, offering comfortable, affordable, and ethical options. His journey from Bangladesh to Australia reflects his dedication to sustainable fashion and positive global impact.